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Boiler Installation Cost: Keeping The Cost Down

Controlling the cost of new boiler installation There are certainly advantages to updating your boiler system, but the downside is the inevitable cost of both the appliance and its installation.

A modern eco gas condensing boiler is markedly more efficient than even the more recently produced a-grades. This means you can get away with using much less fuel, and hopefully beat the impact of some of those painful price rises – but high-tech equipment comes at a cost, and any appliance with the complex electronics of a modern boiler will mean a significant investment.

The good news is that with careful planning and research, it is possible to avoid some unnecessary costs and get your initial outlay under control.

Make sure you consider these significant factors You can avoid unpleasant surprises by taking everything into consideration when budgeting for a new boiler system:

Boiler type and specification: Are you using oil or gas? Fuel type will affect how much you need to allow for the appliance itself. While the price of a new, uber-efficient gas boiler might seem steep, you can at least feel reassured that the savings on you fuel bill will justify the initial cost.

Property size: the size of your new system, from radiators and pipes, to the capacity of the boiler itself will depend on the size of your home, so make sure you are realistic in you calculations. Considering an extension? Save time, money and inconvenience and make sure you fit a system with the capacity to service the house as it will be.

Incorporating existing infrastructure: fittings that are already in place, fully functioning and compatible with the new boiler can be reused, and may help bring down the cost of the project. An expert opinion is advised to check the condition of these fittings, and they will need to be treated with a power flush first.

Do your research Don’t be afraid to get professional quotes as part of your research – you’ll soon find out what aspects of your property and existing system are most likely to save/cost you money.