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A guide to smart heating control systems

The cost of the energy we use to heat our homes has become a significant issue for all of us in the last six months. How we consume energy has never been more critical. At A1 Gas Force, our electricians install smart heating control systems for our clients that help guarantee they are using power efficiently. If you still need to get smart heating controls, this article will examine the features and benefits of the system.

What is a smart heating control system?

Smart heating controls are web-enabled devices that are part of the Internet of Things. They use processors and sensors to collect and transmit data, enabling you to control functions remotely using wireless technology connected to the internet.

Control central heating remotely

Intelligent heating systems have brought AI into the domestic home. These systems have the potential to predict your routines and feature motion capture to deliver more efficient use of heat. For instance, if you’re out in town on a cold winter’s day and decide to return home before your heating timer is due, you can log into a phone app and turn the heating on from wherever you are. Alternatively, if you’ve gone out and forgotten to turn the thermostat off, a smart system will allow you to turn it off while on the move.

Automated temperature management

All electricians will recognise intelligent heating systems are clever; they can detect a drop in temperature in your home and adjust the thermostat to ensure it achieves the perfect temperature for the time you’ve set on the thermostat. Not only this, but they are also so practical they allow you to control the temperature of individual rooms. So, if you have a guest room that is rarely used, you can programme the app, so the heating only comes on in that room when people come to stay. Suppose you’ve gone away for a weekend city break and forgotten to turn the timer off. In that case, the smart heating system will notice when the home is empty and automatically lower the temperature.

How do these systems operate?

SMART is an acronym for ‘Self-Monitoring Analysis & Reporting Technology. A traditional boiler has two standard control features – the thermostat and the timer controls. The timer’s purpose is self-explanatory, while the thermostat allows for manual control of hot water heating and central heating. An intelligent system comprises three main components that allow for wireless control – a connection kit, a control and thermostat unit and an app. The connection kit links directly with your boiler, which then transmits data to the control unit and thermostat over the internet, which you can manage via the app on your mobile device, smartwatch or tablet. Smart heating systems give you the power to control your heating from anywhere on the planet, so you can use only the energy you need to save money and valuable resources. At A1 Gas Force, our professional electricians are experts at installing smart heating control systems, so contact us today for a free quote.