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How could plumbers save you money on household bills in Coventry and locally?

We’ve all experienced little plumbing problems around the home and been tempted not to call a plumber. From dripping taps, to slow moving drains, some things seem easier to ignore, or can be easily resolved yourself. Some issues however, may be a sign of further problems to come, or could be costing you money on your household bills:

Dripping tap – if you find you have to turn the tap tighter than the rest to stop water dripping, this could be a sign of a degraded washer. In homes where a water meter has been installed, a dripping tap will soon add significant numbers to your water bill. Be even more careful if it is a hot tap, as you risk the flow of water increasing and activating your hot water system, thereby wasting costly energy too.

Noisy central heating – With the price of gas increasing, it’s wise not to ignore any indication your system is not functioning at its best and seek the advice of a plumber. A noisy boiler, pipes or radiators can be a sign something isn’t right, and left unattended an inefficient system will use more gas, and has the potential to develop into a bigger, more expensive problem.

Even if you’re boiler doesn’t seem that old, an upgrade can be an excellent investment, as technological advances mean that brand new ones are much less energy intensive. Check to see if your boiler is a condensing boiler (one with a plastic flue), and also check our Free Boiler page to see if you qualify.

A good plumber will do a quick and efficient job on any small task, and can offer good professional advice on your boiler or central heating system.

At A1 Gas Force we are the plumbers people can rely on for all this and more in Coventry and beyond.