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What is the objective behind an EICR?

An EICR is an acronym for Electrical Installation Condition Report, and they are essential for several reasons. In essence, it is a formal report that certifies the electrics in a property in Coventry or anywhere in the UK comply with BS7671 and must be conducted and produced by a qualified electrician or authorised electrical contractors. During the inspection, an electrician will check the fuse box, the wiring, plugs and sockets, light fittings and any electrical installations, such as showers. But what does all this mean to a layperson?

When is an EICR required?

While there is no legal requirement for a homeowner to request an EICR, there are several situations in which they may be expected or beneficial.

If the electrics in the property are old, then aside from upgrading them, the more aged the electrical installations, the more often an EICR should be carried out. The property type can also affect the frequency of an EICR. For instance, if you are fortunate enough to own a swimming pool in your Coventry home, you will need to arrange for an electrician to conduct an EICR annually solely for the electrical components relating to the pool. An EICR aims to demonstrate that the electrics are safe, so if your property has endured severe weather or vandalism, it’s advisable for electrical contractors to assess any potential damage.

EICR requirements for domestic properties

There is no legal requirement for any homeowner to ensure an electrician completes an EICR on their property. Still, it is recommended every ten years to ensure everything is in safe working order and there are no signs of wear. If you are in the process of selling your house, then typically, the buying parties’ surveyor will ask for an EICR to be carried out to verify the safety of the electrics and, in most cases, the mortgage lender. It will provide the buyer with a comprehensive evaluation of the electrics, so they can assess the cost of any repairs or rewiring the property might require.

EICRs for rental properties

Since June 2020, it has been a legal requirement in the UK for buy to let landlords to arrange an EICR to be carried out before letting a property to tenants. Landlords must present tenants with an electrical safety report when a tenancy agreement is signed. The law states that the landlord must renew the EICR every five years or whenever a new tenant moves into the property to remain compliant. In addition, landlords must submit a copy of the EICR to the local authority if they make a request.

Why choose A1 Gas Force to conduct an EICR?

We provide a comprehensive range of electrical services throughout Coventry, and all our electricians are fully qualified, and NICEIC registered. If you are selling a property, or you’re a landlord looking to let, we can despatch an electrician quickly to assess the electrics before submitting a clear and detailed report. Contact our team today to arrange for one of our electricians to visit your property.